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Buffalo Airport offers its own onsite parking. While it’s close to the terminal, it often tends to be pricier and can fill up quickly during peak travel times. With higher demand, finding a spot can become a task of its own, potentially delaying your travel plans.

Buffalo Long-Term Parking:

Offers extended stay options at affordable rates.

Buffalo Short-Term Parking:

Provides convenient, quick-access spaces for brief visits.

$ 0

Per Day

Maximizing Offsite Parking:

Buffalo Airport’s offsite parking offers an eco-friendly, cost-effective upgrade. As travel peaks, discover this top-tier convenience. Book today!

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Buffalo Niagara Airport: Unlocking the Future of Stress-Free Offsite Parking Amidst Soaring Traffic.

Buffalo Airport Parking: An Unmatched Convenience

Nestled in the heart of New York, the Buffalo Niagara International Airport is a critical hub for travelers. With the increased passenger traffic, finding a convenient parking spot has become a significant concern for many. However, this growing demand presents an opportunity to highlight the immense benefits of offsite parking.

Off Site Buffalo Long-Term Parking:

Tailored for Extended Stays, Priced for Satisfaction.

Off Site Buffalo Short-Term Parking:

Immediate Access for the Swift and the Brief.

Buffalo Parking Solutions: Where Duration Meets Convenience

Buffalo Parking Solutions offers tailored options for short-term and long-term stays, ensuring every traveler finds a spot that fits their needs seamlessly.

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Accessibility and Cost-effectiveness:

Offsite parking near Buffalo Airport offers a seamless blend of accessibility and affordability. Unlike on-airport parking, which can often be congested and pricier, offsite facilities offer travelers competitive rates. This ensures that passengers can park their vehicles without denting their wallets, making their overall travel experience more economical.

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Safety and Security:

One of the paramount concerns for any vehicle owner is the safety and security of their asset. Offsite parking facilities prioritize this by offering 24/7 surveillance, well-lit areas, and gated entries. Such provisions ensure peace of mind for travelers, knowing that their vehicles are in safe hands during their absence.

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Added Benefits and Services:

Many offsite parking lots provide additional services that enhance the customer experience. From shuttle services that ensure a smooth transition from the parking spot to the airport terminal to car wash or maintenance services available on request, offsite parking isn’t just about parking anymore; it’s a holistic travel service.

Buffalo International Airport Parking (BUF) From $4.99

Buffalo Airport Parking: Onsite vs. Offsite - See the Clear Advantage!✔️

Navigating the world of Buffalo Airport parking can feel overwhelming, but the difference between onsite and offsite options is stark. On the one hand, you have the typical onsite parking—closer to the terminal, but often accompanied by higher prices, limited availability, and the stress of searching for that elusive spot during peak travel times.

Contrast that with the undeniable perks of offsite parking: significant cost savings, a guarantee of space, 24/7 security, and punctual shuttles making your transit to the terminal a breeze. With all these benefits at your fingertips, why not choose the option that respects your wallet and your time? Dive into the clear advantages of offsite parking and redefine how you embark on your travels.

Buffalo Airport Parking: Onsite vs. Offsite - See the Clear Advantage!✔️

Parking Type/FeatureOn-Site ParkingOff-Site Parking
Short-Term Rates– Positioned close to the terminal. Most expensive, charged by the hour.– Typically does not have an equivalent since off-site caters to longer durations.
Daily/Hourly Parking Rates– Located in multi-level garages or open lots. Rates accumulate quickly.– Flat and predictable daily rates. Often significantly lower than on-site.
Economy Rates– Furthest from the terminal among onsite options. Slightly lower than daily rates.– Even more competitive than on-site economy. Discounts for extended stays.
Discounts & Deals– Occasionally available, especially during non-peak seasons.– Regular promotions and loyalty discounts. Long-term parking offers.
Bundled Services– Limited availability and often at a premium cost.– Options for bundled services like car washes or maintenance at cost-effective rates.
Convenience to Terminal– Proximity varies, with short-term being the closest.– Frequent shuttle services ensuring timely arrival to the terminal.
Overall Cost Efficiency– Can become expensive, especially for longer stays.– Clear savings, especially for extended trips, making it the best choice for budget-conscious travelers.
Buffalo airport parking off-site compared to on-side airport parking

Park Smart: The Unmistakable Benefits of Offsite Over Onsite! ✔️

Every journey begins with a decision and the smartest one you can make starts with where you park. Onsite options appear convenient, but it’s the offsite parking where actual value unfolds. Imagine dodging the high costs, dodging the chaotic search for a last-minute spot, and being welcomed into a streamlined experience instead.

Offsite parking is not just about space—it’s about superior service, cost-effectiveness, and the tranquility of knowing your vehicle is secure and just a swift shuttle ride away. When you choose offsite, you’re not just parking but investing in peace of mind. So, park smart, and let the benefits of offsite elevate your travel experience from the very outset.

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Testimonials That Speak Volumes: Discover the Offsite Parking Difference!✔️

Jane D.


"This offsite parking is a game-changer. Not only did I save money, but the shuttle service was prompt and the staff very courteous."

Michael R.


"I've parked onsite at the Buffalo Airport before and honestly, switching to offsite was the best decision. It's more affordable and just as convenient."

Patricia L.


"Every time I travel from Buffalo Airport, I choose this offsite parking. The savings, convenience, and top-notch customer service keep bringing me back."

Darren S.


"I was skeptical at first, but after my first experience with this offsite parking, I won't go back to onsite. The shuttle was quick, and the peace of mind knowing my car was safe is priceless."

Hannah M.


"Booking online was a breeze and the process onsite was even smoother. No stress about finding a spot before my flight."

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Why Smart Travelers Choose Offsite: A Tale of Two Parkings! ✔️

In the bustling world of travel, where every minute counts, savvy travelers consistently choose the path of efficiency and value: offsite parking. Picture two scenarios: one where you’re circling crowded onsite lanes, watching prime spots get snatched up and prices soaring, and another where a reserved space awaits you, costs are transparent and reasonable, and a dedicated shuttle whisks you directly to your terminal. The latter isn’t just a fairy tale—it’s the reality of offsite parking. It’s more than just leaving your car; it’s about beginning your journey quickly and assuredly. Dive into the tale of two parking and see why the savvy traveler’s choice is unmistakably offsite.

"Buffalo Airport Parking: Safe, Secure, and Simple"

Buffalo's Best-Kept Secret: The Offsite Parking Advantage!✔️

For years, savvy travelers in and out of Buffalo Airport have been in on a little secret changing the airport parking game. While many defaults to the more familiar onsite options, those in the know opt for offsite parking. Not only does it offer a more competitive pricing structure, but with added benefits like regular shuttle services, top-tier security, and guaranteed spots, offsite parking emerges as the clear choice. It’s high time this best-kept secret became every traveler’s go-to, marrying convenience with cost-efficiency in a way onsite parking can’t match.

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Buffalo Airport Hotel

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Visual Proof: Why Offsite Parking is the Future of Trave?✔️

Are you seeking an airport parking solution that prioritizes affordability without compromising security or convenience? Look no further! Buffalo Offsite Airport Parking is your go-to solution for all your parking needs at Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF).

Pocket-Friendly Rates

We understand that traveling can be expensive. That’s why we are committed to providing affordable offsite parking without sacrificing quality or safety. As a result, off-site rates are consistently lower than onsite airport parking, and they offer fantastic discounts for long-term stays. So travel more and worry less about the costs! Moreover, they are minutes away from the Airport with free shuttles.

Secure and Well-Monitored Facilities

Your vehicle’s safety is a priority. Buffalo Offsite Airport Parking facilities, are equipped with high-tech surveillance systems and are monitored 24/7. The parking area is well-lit, fenced, and regularly patrolled, ensuring your vehicle stays secure while you are away.

Convenient Online Booking

Skip the hassle of searching for a parking spot at the last minute! This off-site parking user-friendly online booking system lets you secure your parking space in advance, ensuring a seamless, stress-free travel experience. Plus, thier contactless payment system keeps transactions quick and easy.

Complimentary Shuttle Service

Even though they offsite, they ensure that reaching the terminal is not an issue for airport customers. They provide a free, round-the-clock shuttle service to and from the airport. Their shuttles are comfortable, clean, and driven by professional, friendly drivers who are always ready to assist you with your luggage.

Extra Services

They go the extra mile at Buffalo Offsite Airport Parking for their customers. Benefit from additional services such as car washes and essential vehicle maintenance while away. Return to a car that’s as clean and well-tuned as you left it.

Customer Service Excellence

Off-site parking dedicated customer service team is always ready to help you, ensuring your parking experience is smooth and satisfactory.

Choose Buffalo Offsite Airport Parking for your next trip – where convenience meets affordability without compromising security. So book your parking spot today and enjoy a hassle-free start to your journey. Safe travels!

On-Site Vs Off-Site Buffalo Airport Parking Rates

Parking Rates
OFF-SITE - Parking with FREE Shuttle (Most Popular) Per Day $4.99
ON-SITE - Reserved Covered Parking (Red Signs) Per hour $4
ON-SITE - A reservation fee of $3 will be added to the daily maximum rate Daily maximum rate with reservation fee $26
ON-SITE - Preferred Parking Lot (Green Signs) Per hour (up to 5 hours) $1
Daily maximum $12
Weekly maximum $72
ON-SITE - Long Term Parking Lot (Orange Signs) Per hour (up to 5 hours) $1
Daily maximum $10
Weekly maximum $50
ON-SITE - Economy Parking Lot (Blue Signs) Per hour (up to 5 hours) $1
Daily maximum $9
Weekly maximum $45
ON-SITE - Way uncovered parking Per day $3.99
ON-SITE - Daily/Hourly Parking Garage (Red Signs) Per hour $4
Daily maximum $23
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Cheap Buffalo Airport Parking - Rates Starting from $4.99/Day ✔️

Free Airport Shuttles:

Our parking lot operators provide complimentary shuttle services to and from Buffalo Airport. Enjoy the convenience of being dropped off at your terminal without extra cost. Our shuttles run frequently, ensuring a quick and hassle-free transfer to the airport.

User-Friendly Reservation System:

Our online reservation system is designed with simplicity and ease of use. Having helped over three million consumers save on airport parking, you can trust our strategy to provide a seamless booking experience. With just a few clicks, you can guarantee your parking spot at an unbeatable rate.

Buffalo International Airport Parking (BUF) From $4.99
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Travel Simplified: See Why Offsite Parking Shines Bright!s ✔️

We understand that finding affordable and convenient Buffalo airport parking can be challenging. That’s why our reservation partner service is designed to help you easily compare different parking options, allowing you to find the perfect spot at the best possible rate. No more stressing over high on-airport parking fees; compare, reserve, and save!

Guaranteed Parking Spot:

With their fast and efficient reservation system, you can secure a guaranteed parking spot near Buffalo Airport in just a few clicks. No more driving around in circles or worrying about finding a place at the last minute. Our partner service ensures that your reserved parking space awaits you upon arrival.

Note: All of Buffalo Airport Off-Site parking has lot complimentary 24 Hours Shuttle Service is On-Demand, 24/7 Attendant, Car Detailing, Open 24 Hours 365 Days a Year, Secure Hotel Airport Parking.

Why Our Offsite Parking Stands Out:

  1. Guaranteed Availability: Never worry about fully booked situations. Reserve ahead and we’ll keep a spot just for you.
  2. 24/7 Customer Service: Our dedicated staff is available round the clock to assist you with any needs or concerns.
  3. Loyalty Rewards: Repeat customers enjoy special offers and discounts, making each trip even more economical.
  4. Flexible Booking: Need to extend your trip? No problem! We offer flexible booking options to cater to unexpected travel changes.

No-surprise pricing


Free Cancellations

Free Shuttles run

Buffalo Airport parking Customer

Enjoy off-site Buffalo airport parking benefits.✔️

Suppose you’re looking for a hassle-free and cost-effective solution to parking near Buffalo Airport. In that case, our reservation partner service is the perfect choice. With easy comparison, guaranteed parking spots, free shuttle services, and a user-friendly reservation system, your airport parking experience will be more convenient. So don’t miss the opportunity to save time and money on your next trip – try our reservation partner service today!


It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

  1. Simply reserve your reservation online and drop off your car at one of our partner parking lots that is both safe and secure.
  2. Take our shuttle van to the airport and get there quickly.
  3. When you come back, your car will be a short shuttle ride away.
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✔️ Discover 8 great reasons to reserve off-site parking:

  • Avoid congested airport traffic.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • Your parking space is ready and waiting for you.
  • Someone will assist you with your luggage.
  • Your vehicle is kept in a secure parking lot.
  • Get a ride from the parking lot to the terminals.
  • Shuttles are dependable.
airport parking customer at Buffalo Airport

Spot the Difference: Making the Right Parking Choice at Buffalo Airport!

Buffalo International Airport at Buffalo NY

Frequently Asked Questions

The Daily/Hourly Parking Garage charges $4 per hour and $23 per day for parking. Short-term parking is also possible with Preferred Parking. This parking facility charges $1 per hour for the first 5 hours, then $12 daily afterward.

The Long Term Parking On-Site Parking Lots at Buffalo International Airport (BUF) charge $1 per hour for the first 5 hours and $10 per day beyond that. The maximum weekly fee is $50. The daily full charge at the Economy Parking lot is $9, while the weekly maximum rate is $45.

Buffalo Airport’s Economy Parking Lot charges are $9 per day and $45 per week.

Yes, charging stations for electric vehicles are available on Level 1 of the Daily/Hourly Parking Garage at Buffalo Airport Charge.

Yes, accessible parking spots are available at Buffalo International (BUF) Airport’s on-site parking facilities. In addition, guests with a handicapped parking permit in their vehicle can receive up to one hour of free parking at the Daily/Hourly Garage.

Yes, the Buffalo Airport provides a Cell Phone Parking Lot on Holtz Road where you can park and wait for your arriving friends and family for free as long as you stay with your vehicle.

Yes! Parkway Parking offers a variety of off-site parking options starting at $4.99 per day. In addition, you can secure a parking spot at a privately owned parking garage or hotel near Buffalo International Airport to get a guaranteed space, which frequently includes a complimentary shuttle service to and from the terminal. Click Here to Book.

Below List of On-Site Parking Rates at Buffalo International (BUF)

The Preferred Parking Lot and the Daily/Hourly Parking Garage are the best options for on-site short-term parking at Buffalo Niagara International (BUF) Airport.

Buffalo Airport Parking Rates - On-site Parking

All of the above rates are subject to 8.75% NYS sales tax.

Long-Term BUF Parking

Long-Term parking is available at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, as indicated by orange-colored signage. The Long-Term parking lot provides a free shuttle service to the airport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Long-Term Parking GarageRate
Per Hour (up to 5 hours)$1
Daily Maximum$10
Weekly Maximum$50

Preferred BUF Parking

Green signage indicates the Preferred Parking Lot, which is recommended for daily or long weekend trips. The free 24/7 shuttle service operates from this lot; however, the Preferred Lot is a short walk from the terminal.

Preferred Parking LotRate
Per Hour (up to 5 hours)$1
Daily Maximum (charged at over 5 hours)$12
Weekly Maximum$72

Short-Term BUF Parking

The covered Daily/Hourly Parking Garage is conveniently placed near the terminal. Because this garage is close to the airport, it does not provide a shuttle service. This terminal contains elevators and stairwells, making it easier to get to the departure level of the airport terminal. For a price, reserved covered parking is available on Level 1 of this garage. Buffalo Towing company is working at our Parking lot for Towing Service.

Economy For individuals who want to save money by parking further away from the airport, parking is recommended for week-long or extended vacations. This parking lot provided a free shuttle service to and from the terminal 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Logan Airport Parking is partnered with us.

Daily/Hourly Parking GarageRate 
Per Hour$4
Daily Maximum$23
Reserved ParkingRate
Reservation Fee (in additional to above daily/ hourly rates)$3
Economy ParkingRate
Per Hour (up to 5 hours)$1
Daily Maximum (charged at over 5 hours)$9
Weekly Maximum$45
Reserved Covered Parking

At Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Reserved Covered Parking is on Level 1 of the Daily/Hourly Garage (BUF). The $3.00 reservation fee is in addition to the cost of parking for the day.

Corporate Travel Experience

The Corporate Parker Program at Buffalo Niagara International Airport provides businesses with exceptional prices as well as all of the benefits of the Fully Automated and FREE Frequent Parker Rewards Program!

Buffalo Airport Parking Reservations

Short-term and long-term Buffalo Niagara airport parking