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"Buffalo Airport: Where Journeys Take Flight"

Buffalo Airport (BUF) - Buffalo Niagara International Airport

Welcome to Buffalo Niagara International Airport, where every arrival starts a new adventure. Step into a world of seamless travel where comfort, convenience, and excitement await. From the moment you touch down, our team is dedicated to ensuring your extraordinary journey. Get ready to embark on memorable experiences and explore the world’s wonders, starting here in Buffalo.

Buffalo Airport - Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF)
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"Buffalo Niagara International Airport: Soaring Above, Connecting Below."

Buffalo Niagara Airport: Gateway to Nature and Architecture

The Buffalo Niagara International Airport is not only a portal to the breathtaking views of Niagara Falls, but it also holds the charm of incorporating the region’s rich history in its architecture. With a design inspired by the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright, a single step inside the airport immediately immerses travelers in the spirit of Western New York.

Nature's Gateway

Explore the wonders of the Niagara region, from majestic waterfalls to lush greenery, just moments away from Buffalo Niagara Airport.

Architectural Marvels

Immerse yourself in the rich history and stunning architecture of Buffalo and beyond, easily accessible from the airport.

Discover BUF Airport: Your Gateway to Buffalo and Niagara Falls

Just 10 miles from downtown Buffalo, BUF Airport offers easy access from major routes, streamlining your entry to this vibrant region. It serves domestic and international destinations across major airlines, catering to business and leisure travelers. The modern terminal provides all the essentials for a pleasant wait, from dining to Wi-Fi.

Transportation from BUF is hassle-free, with rentals, taxis, and public transit readily available. Buffalo opens a world of attractions, from the majesty of Niagara Falls to cultural treasures and outdoor adventures, complemented by a lively culinary scene known for its iconic dishes. Accommodations near the airport range widely, ensuring a comfortable stay for all.

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Airport Parking

Buffalo Airport – Look no further than Buffalo Airport parking for convenient, secure, and affordable parking options. With our advanced reservation system, prime location, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide the best parking experience for travelers flying out of Buffalo Niagara International Airport. So choose us for your next trip and enjoy a hassle-free start to your journey.

Airport taxis

Buffalo Airport Taxi – Choose Buffalo Airport Taxi at Buffalo Airport for affordable and convenient airport transportation. Buffalo Airport’s on-site taxi service provides a reliable and efficient option for getting to and from the airport. So book your ride today and experience the convenience of airport Taxi drivers and transparent fares.

Travel to Canada

Traveling to Canada offers many cultural and natural experiences, from vibrant cities to breathtaking landscapes. With friendly locals, world-class attractions, and a high standard of living, Canada is a top travel destination for tourists around the globe. However, research and comply with any entry requirements, such as a passport or visa, before traveling. With proper planning, a trip to Canada can be an unforgettable experience.

Travel Health Check

Airlines At BUF

  • Here is a list of airlines that operate at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, along with their phone numbers:

    1. American Airlines: (800) 433-7300
    2. Delta Air Lines: (800) 221-1212
    3. Frontier Airlines: (801) 401-9000
    4. JetBlue Airways: (800) 538-2583
    5. Southwest Airlines: (800) I FLY SWA
    6. United Airlines: (800) 241-6522

Dinning At BUF

Buffalo Niagara International Airport offers a range of dining options to suit all tastes, from quick bites to sit-down restaurants. With options like Tim Hortons, Chick-fil-A, and the Buffalo Chophouse, travelers can enjoy a variety of cuisines before their flight. Many restaurants also offer grab-and-go options for those in a hurry. So whether you’re looking for a full meal or just a quick snack, with a range of restaurants and grab-and-go options, you will find the perfect dining choice to suit your needs at Buffalo Airport.

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Experience Unmatched Convenience and Security with Buffalo Airport Parking

Buffalo Airport Parking: Short & Long Term Options

Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) simplifies your parking with short- and long-term options. Near the terminal, short-term parking suits brief visits or pickups, offering premium convenience at higher rates. Long-term parking is cost-effective for longer trips, with shuttle services to the terminal ensuring ease of access. Online booking for spaces is available, enhancing arrival efficiency. Security is a priority, with surveillance and patrols keeping the area safe. Accessible parking spaces are plentiful, ensuring smooth access for all travelers.

Enjoy Convenience & Comfort at BUF Airport

At Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF), indulge your cravings with diverse dining options, from quick bites to relaxing sit-down meals. Shop for everything from essentials to unique gifts in our diverse retail spaces. Stay connected and charged with free Wi-Fi and accessible charging stations throughout the terminal.

Unwind before takeoff in our comfortable airport lounges, offering amenities like snacks, drinks, and Wi-Fi. For longer waits, nearby airport hotels provide cozy accommodations with shuttle services. Navigate easily using rental cars and various ground transportation options directly from BUF. Committed to accessibility, BUF Airport ensures all travelers, including those with special needs, experience smooth and hassle-free journeys.

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Buffalo Airport Transportation: Connectivity & Sustainability Efforts

Public Transportation Access: BUF Airport is seamlessly integrated with the NFTA Metro Bus and Rail system, offering affordable and direct routes to downtown Buffalo and the wider region. This network enhances the airport’s connectivity, making travel easier for passengers.

Rideshare and Taxi Services: For those looking for direct and flexible travel options, rideshare and taxi services at BUF Airport provide a convenient solution. These services cater to various destinations, ensuring travelers reach their final stops comfortably.

Sustainable Transportation Practices: Committed to the environment, Buffalo Airport champions sustainable transportation by advocating for alternative fuel usage, carpooling, and efficient transit choices to minimize carbon footprints.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Supporting eco-friendly travel, BUF Airport offers electric vehicle (EV) charging stations accessible to passengers driving electric or hybrid cars, reinforcing the push for sustainability.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accessibility: Embracing active transportation, the airport facilitates bicycle and pedestrian access with dedicated paths and racks, promoting healthier and more eco-conscious travel methods.


American Airlines

(800) 433-7300

American Airlines operates flights from Buffalo to various destinations, prioritizing customer service and comfort with in-flight entertainment and snacks. Join their frequent flyer program, AAdvantage, for rewards. Choose American Airlines for your next flight out of Buffalo Airport.

Delta Airlines

(800) 221-1212

Delta Airlines provides flights from Buffalo Niagara International Airport to numerous destinations. With a dedication to customer service and satisfaction, Delta Airlines offers a range of amenities for passengers, including in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi. Choose Delta Airlines for your next flight from Buffalo Airport for a comfortable and reliable travel experience.

Frontier Airlines

(801) 401-9000

Frontier Airlines operates flights from Buffalo Niagara International Airport to various destinations. Known for their low fares, Frontier Airlines offers a range of seating options and amenities for passengers, including the WORKS bundle for added perks. So choose Frontier Airlines for your next budget-friendly flight from Buffalo Airport.

JetBlue Airways

(800) 538-2583

JetBlue Airways provides flights from Buffalo Niagara International Airport to domestic and international destinations. Known for its high level of customer service, JetBlue offers amenities such as free Wi-Fi, in-flight entertainment, and complimentary snacks and beverages. Choose JetBlue Airways for your next flight from Buffalo Airport for a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

Southwest Airlines

(800) I FLY SWA

Southwest Airlines operates flights from Buffalo Niagara International Airport to several domestic destinations. With a focus on affordable travel and customer service, Southwest Airlines offers a range of amenities for passengers, including no change fees and two free checked bags. So choose Southwest Airlines for your next flight from Buffalo Airport for a hassle-free and budget-friendly travel experience.

United Airlines

(800) 241-6522

United Airlines offers flights from Buffalo to various destinations, prioritizing customer satisfaction with in-flight entertainment and snacks. Join their frequent flyer program, MileagePlus, for rewards. Choose United Airlines for your next flight from Buffalo Airport. Choose United Airlines for your next flight from Buffalo Airport for a reliable and enjoyable travel experience.

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Canadian Travelers at Buffalo Niagara Airport (BUF)

Canadian travelers visiting Buffalo Niagara International Airport must comply with customs and border regulations. This includes carrying a valid passport or other approved travel documents and declaring any goods or items being brought into Canada.

Visitors should also be aware of any applicable duty or tax fees. Additionally, Canadian travelers may be subject to additional security screenings.

Finally, they should arrive at the airport sufficiently before their flight. The airport provides various ground transportation options for travelers, including airport taxis and shuttle services, making it easy for Canadian visitors to reach their final destination. There is a direct flight to Logan Airport, Atlanta Airport, and Bole Airport

Employment Opportunities at Buffalo International Airport
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